Dreams can Come True


To see or eat yogurt in your dream, suggests that you need to learn to behave appropriately for the different


To dream of drinking wine, forebodes joy and consequent friendships. To dream of breaking bottles of wine, foretells that your

Welsh Rarebits

To dream of preparing or eating Welsh rarebits, denotes that your affairs will assume a complicated state, owing to your


To see large fields of growing wheat in your dreams, denotes that your interest will take on encouraging prospects. If

Whipped Cream

If you dream of eating whipped cream, you will soon be very lucky. To lovers, this is a happy omen,


To dream of whisky in bottles, denotes that you will be careful of your interests, protecting them with energy and

Wedding Cake

Dreaming about a wedding cake suggests that you are feeling bitter or sad about a disappointment in love. You may


If you dreamed of watermelon growing on the vine, this are a warning against casual love affairs. Otherwise, they forecast


Wafer, if seen in a dream, purports an encounter with enemies. To eat one, suggests impoverished fortune. For a young


To dream of eating a waffle indicates that you need to come down from your lofty ideals and approach life


To see or take a vitamin in your dream, indicates that you need to strengthen your willpower. You may also


To dream of eating vegetables, is an omen of strange luck. You will think for a time that you are


To taste or smell vanilla in your dream, indicates a welcoming experience or inviting situation. Alternatively, it symbolizes purity and


To see turnips growing, denotes that your prospects will brighten, and that you will be much elated over your success.


To see tripe in a dream, means sickness and danger. To eat tripe, denotes that you will be disappointed in


If you dream of eating a tortilla, you’re off to a fresh start in your life. If you dream of


To dream of toast suggests that you are considering (or already involved in) a romantic situation which could cause you


To dream that you are brewing tea, foretells that you will be guilty of indiscreet actions, and will feel deeply


To see or eat a tart in your dream suggests that things are going well for you.


To see syrup in your dream symbolizes sentimentality and nostalgia. Or, this dream can also mean that you have found


To see or eat a taco in your dream signifies warmth and comfort. Consider the type of taco shell, as

Sweet Oil

Sweet oil in dreams, implies considerate treatment will be withheld from you in some unfortunate occurrence.

Sweet Potato

To see or eat a sweet potato in you dream suggests that your libido is stronger than the person that


To see or eat sweets in you dream represent indulgence, sensuality, and forbidden pleasure. Perhaps you have been depriving yourself

Swiss Cheese

To dream of Swiss cheese, foretells that you will come into possession of substantial property, and healthful amusements will be


To dream of sugar, denotes that you will be hard to please in your domestic life, and will entertain jealousy


To dream of drinking soda (like Coke or Pepsi), suggests that you are seeking more pleasure or excitement in your


To dream of drinking a smoothie foretells happiness and peaceful times with family. It may also suggest that you want


To see or eat seafood in your dream indicates recognition and a mergence of your spirituality with your conscious being.


To dream of eating or cooking sauerkraut is a good omen, foretelling good health and happy social occasions.