Dreams can Come True


To dream that you are a sniper or are being attacked by one, represents hidden aggression that you need to


To see your sister in your dream, symbolizes some aspect of your relationship with her. If you two have different

Siamese Twins

Dreaming about Siamese twins means you feel torn between your emotions and desires on one hand, and your logic, values


It is very common for us to dream about all different types of people. Siblings are a fantastic source of


To see a famous singer in your dream, represents harmony, spiritual vibrations and the glory of the human spirit. Also,


To see a shoemaker in your dream, warns you that indications are unfavorable to your advancement. For a woman to


To see shepherds in your dreams watching their flocks, portends bounteous crops and pleasant relations for the farmer, also much


To dream of seeing a sheriff, denotes that you will suffer great uneasiness over the uncertain changes which loom up


A dream about sextuplets suggests that your mental, emotional and spiritual states are coming into harmony. You may also be


To dream of Shakspeare, denotes that unhappiness and dispondency will work much anxiety to momentous affairs, and love will be


To dream of a servant, is a sign that you will be fortunate, despite gloomy appearances. Anger is likely to

Serial Killer

To dream about a serial killer foretells sadness caused by the misdeeds of others. If you are the killer in

Secret Admirer

To dream that you have a secret admirer, signifies that you will achieve a rise in social status, without causing


To see or dream that you are a secretary indicates that you need more order and organization in your life.

Security Guard

To see or dream that you are a security guard suggests that you may be experiencing a lot of insecurity


For a young woman to dream of being seduced, foretells that she will be easily influenced by showy persons. For


To dream of a sculptor, foretells you will change from your present position to one less lucrative, but more distinguished.

School Teacher

To dream of a school teacher, denotes you are likely to enjoy learning and amusements in a quiet way. If


To dream of a scientist signifies openness to new ideas.


To see or dream that you are a samurai symbolizes loyalty, honor, duty and discipline. You need to work on


To dream of sage, foretells thrift and economy will be practised by your servants or family. For a woman to


To dream of sailors, portends long and exciting journeys. For a young woman to dream of sailors, is ominous of


To see or dream that you are a salesperson suggests that there is something you need to incorporate in your


To see (or be) a referee in your dream, signifies an inner battle between your own ideals and values, and


If you dream of having a relative that doesn’t exist in real life, you may be wishing for more love


To see or dream that you are a realtor indicates that you are searching for a new sense of self.


To dream of seeing reapers busy at work at their task, denotes prosperity and contentment. If they appear to be

Real Estate Agent

If you dreamed about a real estate agent (or if you were one in your dream), you will soon have


To see a rabbi in your dream represents your attitudes about Judaism. The dream may serve to reaffirm your faith


To dream of a quartette, and you are playing or singing, denotes favorable affairs, jolly companions, and good times. To