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Dream Interpretation

It is evident that dream interpretation is difficult to comprehend but have you ever asked yourself why? If yes, the simple answer to that question is that dreams contain information presented in the language of symbols. There are so many things that populate our dreams such as people dead or alive, known and unknown, domestic and wild animals, symbolic objects like jewellery, signs, shapes, food, colours, clothing, and numbers, strange and familiar buildings and landscapes, and so on.



These images are your own ideas, feelings, and thoughts turned into something you see in your daily life. For instance, feeling confused could portray meandering endlessly when lost in a dark forest, and feeling overwhelmed could mean swimming enjoyable but you cannot keep your head above the waters. It is not possible to deduce the number of images and symbols that your mind can excellently translate into dream pictures, but one thing for sure is that words cannot express the countless feelings that symbols do. The symbols you see in your dreams are a reflection of anything that catches your attention in your day to day life thus triggering a concern, a conflict or a memory that come across in the past and present.

If you’d like to know the meaning of your dream, one way that has been tested and proven effective is the direct association. This is where you associate the triggered image in your dream with the first thing that comes into your head but if you fail to get an associative thought, run through your feelings about that particular image. For instance, if you see a caterpillar in your dream, ask yourself whether you like them or you find them unpleasant. Try and find out the meaning of the image as soon as you see it in your dreams because the meaning of your symbols are bound to change with time and as you work with your dreams, your personal images would become familiar to you. You could realize that you dream about things you see and associate with on a daily basis such as your colleagues, your family, your pets, your friends among others and every time you dream about them, they pose a personal significance to you alone.

However, most dreams shouldn’t be taken literally as they require you to dig dipper to get the real message. For instance, if you dream about your friend dying, that does not necessarily mean they will die but it could mean they are going through a change. It is harmful to interpret dreams literally and that’s why you shouldn’t be too quick to judge. People are different and you must understand that you have unique dream symbols and dreams that differ from that of someone else. For instance, dogs are similar but may mean differently depending on whether people love or despise them.

Symbols and images in your dreams should be interpreted. They shouldn’t confuse you but if you find them so, its probably because they want to reveal the message in the best way possible. In any case, you get confused, tensed, or frustrated when trying to interpret a dream, don’t overwork your mind but let it go. When relaxed and open-minded, that’s the best time to interpret a dream but you don’t have to interpret every dream come your way. Some dreams could be thought-provoking or more compelling but that doesn’t mean you should work your mind out trying to get the meaning; just interpret what you can and let go of what you can’t.


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