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To dream of an alligator, unless you kill it, is unfavorable to all persons connected with the dream.

It is a dream of caution.

This cold-blooded animal could hold several different meanings in your dream.

It could symbolically represent something from your memory, emotions, or a current situation or individual in your life. Some think that the alligator represents verbal power used in a destructive way (angry and hurtful words).

Others believe that it represents an enemy.

Consider the details in your dream and your level of fear.

This dream symbol should encourage you to look at some of your more “dangerous” emotions, memories, and experiences.

The alligators in your dreams will begin to lose the power to frighten you as your understanding increases.

Carl Jung said that all wild animals indicate latent affects (feelings and emotions that we do not readily deal with).

They are also symbolic of dangers (hurtful and negative things) being “swallowed” by the unconscious.

Alligators most always symbolize a problem!

To kill or conquer one means you have overcome a problem.

To be surrounded by one means you have to choose one bad thing to get out of a lot of bad things.

(any way you run you will encounter at least one).

To be eaten or killed by an alligator means the problem that is haunting you is likely to do you harm if not cured.

To have a pet alligator symbolizes great control over one’s problems.

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