The material which makes up the avalanche is snow, and snow is frozen water.

Water symbolizes your emotions, the unconscious, and, at times, life itself.

Therefore, this dream is about rapidly and violently descending emotions and thoughts.

Emotions which may have been repressed have finally been unlocked and may be overwhelming you.

You may have this dream during emotionally turbulent times of your life, or in your dreams you may be remembering and reliving some difficult emotional experiences.

Old dream interpretation books say that burial in an avalanche may result in good luck in the near future. Therefore, they think that it is a dream of the contrary.

To watch in avalanche in a dream is to see obstacles coming and have no way to avoid those obstacles.

An avalanche is usually a warning, and can be avoided in real life if one is careful and changes a plan or a detail or two.

Since an avalanche is very dramatic, it is likely that the dreamer will know exactly what the symbol represents, and other symbols within the dream will likely point to the best course of action.

In a prophetic dream if you are buried under an avalanche oddly enough is considered a good sign and you will likely receive a spectacular stroke of good luck!

If you dream of others being buried under this avalanche then a change of surrounding is likely to occur.