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Boat Dream Meaning

A boat in your dream symbolizes how well you cope and express your emotions.

If you mainly experience “smooth sailing,” you’re good at handling your feelings.

It’s also a lucky dream.

If the waters are rough, however, you need to work on this aspect of yourself.

As mentioned in all relevant dream symbols, bodies of water represent your unconscious, your emotions and your accumulated soul experiences.

Depending on the content of the dream, several different interpretations could be made. The boat in your dream could represent you and the manner you navigate through your emotions.

It could symbolize the voyage of your life, an adventure and exploration of your unconscious, or a connection to the people in your dream by pointing out something that all of you have in common (“in the same boat”).

When interpreting this dream, consider the kind of voyage and the type of boat.

Superstition-based dream interpretation books say that if the voyage is calm, you should go forward with your plans.

However, if it is a very stormy voyage, get ready for an emotional upset (or challenge).


But O the ship, the immortal ship!

O ship aboard the ship!

Ship of the body, ship of the soul, voyaging, voyaging, voyaging.

” — Walt Whitman

The boat is a dream symbol for your life and/or business, and the dreamer must pull together all the aspects of this dream to approximate the meaning, such as: the water, whether it is clear, murky, inland lakes, or oceans, was the boat moving, etc.

, so look up all the dream symbols you can remember and you should be able to glean the sense of your dream.

Don’t forget to consider idioms; don’t rock the boat, we are all in the same boat, and so on.

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