Dreaming about breaking something is normally associated with negative emotions in your waking life. Your foundations, or core beliefs, may be challenged and you are not feeling very secure. It also signifies a change is coming, or that you need to change the current situation and ‘break out’.

Broken spectacles or windows can signify that your view of the world or a particular situation is skewed and your vision is impaired – you are not seeing things clearly. It can also represent your sense of vulnerability.

If you dream that you are fixing glasses or a window this can be a sign that you are changing the way you see a situation and coming to terms with new events.

Broken glass can signify negative changes that are happening in your life that you are not comfortable with. It can also suggest that a part of your life is in pieces, something fundamental on which you were able to rely has changed for example losing a partner or a job.

Broken teeth or bones can be a sign of anxiety or ill health.

See Teeth, Glass, Windows or Bones.