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To dream of seeing dark heavy clouds, portends misfortune and bad management.

If rain is falling, it denotes troubles and sickness.

To see bright transparent clouds with the sun shining through them, you will be successful after trouble has been your companion.

To see them with the stars shining, denotes fleeting joys and small advancements.

A fast-moving cloudy sky in a dream means you’re getting ready to release your anger about a situation.

Thick, slow-moving clouds represent confusion.

If you dream of walking on clouds, you have the ability and optimism to achieve much happiness in your life.

Clouds are made of air and water, two of the four basic elements.

Some would say that the soul is represented by air and spirit by water.

Your positive energy and idealism could be represented by white clouds and your more negative personal characteristics, and private thoughts, by dark storm clouds.

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