Dogs symbolize loyalty, friendship and protection so a dream about a dog will symbolize your relationships with friends and your sense of security. The dog in the dream may represent someone in your life who you feel epitomises these values and those of intuition, generosity and faithfulness. It may be that you are worried you are lacking some of these qualities and the dog is causing you to remember that these qualities are important and you should be true to yourself.

If the dog is angry and showing his anger by barking or growling this reflects a sense of conflict you have in your waking life and a fear about how to solve it. You can examine the dream for clues on how to solve the situation, whether you run away from the dog or if you approach the dog how you manage to calm it down – do you tempt it with something or do you soothe it with calming words? Alternatively does someone else intervene to calm the dog?

If the dog in your dream is sick or dying this shows that one of your friendships is suffering and dying and you need to pay more attention to rescue it. If the dog is dead this shows that you see a friendship as dead now.

If you are being treated like a dog in the dream this can represent how you feel other people treat you in your waking life. You do not feel respected or maybe those in authority are holding you down and will not listen to your point of view.
If you dream about a dog having puppies this shows that you are willing to grow as a person and you want to nurture new abilities by concentrating on them.

A barking dog in your dream symbolizes frustrations of those people around you. You may be annoying someone in your life and that is causing them to be grumpy with you.

If the dog in your dream is biting people this can be a sign that you are being betrayed by those people that you feel closest to.

If the dog in the dream bites you on a leg this could be a sign that you are feeling off balance and you’re not sure how to make a fair and clear decision about something in your life.

If you dream that you have a found a dog this suggests that you were lacking in certain qualities such as loyalty or friendliness but that you have since found these qualities and can move on to the next phase of your life.

If you dream about buying a dog, this suggests that you can be a shallow person and sometimes buy friendships rather than really working on genuine relationships.

If you dream that you are being guided by a dog, this shows that you are looking for direction and purpose in your life and you’re not sure what to do so are relying on other people in your life to show you the way.

Dreaming of dressing up your dog represents your fear of exposing your true self to those around you and you try to hide yourself under a mask and a costume.

If you dream about a dog chasing its tail round and round in a circle this reflects your feeling of helplessness about a situation – you feel that you are going round and round without ever reaching a resolution. Think about what you are trying to achieve and work out if there is a more direct way to get it.

Dreaming about a dog eating a snake symbolizes an important person in your life who is trying to protect you from making a bad decision. Heed their advice!

Dreaming about a dog with two heads implies that you need to be extra careful about observing the situations in your life, not all is as it may seem!