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To dream of driving represents your ambitions and drive. Consider where you are driving and who you are driving with. This may lend some clues as to the goals that you have set yourself in life, what matters most to you and who is helping you along the way.

Also consider how you are driving, if you are driving steadily and cautiously and stopping at red lights as well as following other rules of the road, this indicates that you have your life in control and are doing things in the right order and for the right reason. If in the dream your driving is chaotic, you are speeding or endangering people’s lives this reflects a sense of not being in control of your waking life. Perhaps other people are making the decisions for you or you are not sure that you have enough information or skills to pursue the choices you have made yourself.

If you cannot see where you are going or something is covering your eyes while you are driving this represents a lack of clearly defined goals. You are not sure where you are going, or you have low self esteem and are not confident in your abilities.

If you dream that you are driving in reverse this suggests that you are unhappy with your current predicament and want to return to a happier time. However sometimes reversing is not the quickest way to get out of a situation and moving forward would make more sense.

If you dream that you are not driving the car, but someone else is this shows that you feel out of control and like other people are making all the decisions in your life.

If you dream that you are learning to drive this can be either a literal reflection on your waking self learning to drive or it could be a sign that you are keen to learn new skills and improve yourself so that you can drive yourself forward and achieve new goals.

Please also see Car.

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