To see or feel the earthquake in your dream, denotes business failure and much distress caused from turmoils and wars between nations.

Dreaming of earthquakes or other natural disasters represents the things you are dealing with that are out of your control.

It may be an unexpected problem or circumstance that you are stressed about.

Unlike some of the other dreams about natural disasters, earthquakes usually symbolize parts of the dreamer’s physical reality rather than his emotional life. The earthquake in the dream may be representing financial difficulties, health issues, or any number of other problems that could occur in daily life. An experience that is “shaking” you up, and changing your daily life, could be creeping into your dream state and showing up as an earthquake. See also: Disaster

To be shaken by an earthquake denotes that you will have some serious business challanges.

If you manage to get to safty then you will overcome these problems and keep your business up to par.

Should you be injured or trapped it foretells complete loss of all your business and assets.