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To dream about fish as a food symbolizes your spiritual side and a quest for enlightenment. If you dream that you are cleaning the fish before eating, this shows that you are cleansing your emotions in preparation for public consumption, in other words you are putting your best side forward.

If you dream that you are cooking the fish, this shows that you are preparing to take on board the lessons you have recently learnt and are keen to progress in your journey towards enlightenment.

If you dream about eating the fish, this shows that you are finally accepting what you were not willing to accept previously and you are turning a corner, ever closer to where you are hoping to be.

If you dream about fish bones, this is a reminder of an old lesson or insight that you picked up and assimilated into your knowledge, and is a positive encouragement to continue learning.

To dream about fish swimming in water represents your subconscious and the ideas and concepts that you are exploring. If you catch a fish, this represents a particular idea that you want to explore.

Dreaming of fish can also symbolize conception and so can be a common dream for newly pregnant women.

If you dream that you are being eaten by a big fish this represents a troubling issue in your life which you have left get out of hand and has now grown bigger. This will consume you if you are not careful so it may be time to tackle the problem headfirst.

If you dream that a small fish is eating a big fish this signifies a reminder that sometimes surprising things can happen, the underdog can come through to win, so do not despair but also do not let your guard down.

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