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Dreaming about food can represent different things depending on the type of food you dream about. For instance, if you dream about vegetables this can represent your health and your passion for healthy pursuits. If you dream about fruit this represents your sensible side. If you dream about sweets this represents your innocence. Dreaming about alcohol represents your wild side. Dreaming about meat represents your animal side.

If the food in your dream is rotting, this shows that you are lacking in that particular quality or that you are worried about that aspect of your life. If you dream that you are eating the food, this shows that you are keen to embrace areas of your life where you can improve yourself and find a balance between your different character traits.

If you dream about storing food or stockpiling food, this shows a distrust of those around you and perhaps highlights your insecurities. You are not happy with your lot, and will continuously strive to improve it even if you have everything you already want.

If you dream about burnt food, this shows that you are feeling pain in your waking life and the intensity of the emotion is making it through to your subconscious dreams.

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