To dream of a friend or friends of yours highlights the characteristics and qualities in them that you admire and respect. It could be a sign that you need to embrace these characteristics yourself or it may be a reminder that you can rely on your friends to help you and support you.

This dream can be a very useful tool to learn about yourself, seeing how different sides of your personality relate to each other, whether they are all equal or some aspects are more dominant than others and whether you listen to each friend. If a particular friend is struggling to be heard or to get your attention this may reflect a side of your personality which you have been neglecting and it is time to let them free.

Alternatively this dream could be a sign that you are about to receive some news – if your friendship is a happy one then the news will be good, however if the friend is lying to you the news will be bad. This can also signify that the part of your personality that reflects this friendship is dying inside you.

If you dream that a friend is dying this can mean that the quality you most associate with that person is no longer present in you. You might consider whether this is a quality that you are happy to be without or whether you would like to attain it again.

Dreaming about childhood friends reflects a desire to go back to a simpler time when there was less stress and responsibility and you could just be free. This could be a sign that you have taken on too much in your adult life and your subconscious is reminding you what life used to be like. Alternatively it could be a sign that you are acting like a child and need to grow up.

Perhaps you are not taking your current situation very seriously and it is time to take control and take some responsibility for your actions. The advice from a childhood friend can be apt, so listen carefully to what they might have to say.

If you are struggling to come to a decision in your waking life, then dreaming of a specific friend may be a clue as to how you should find the answer. Think about what your friend would say to you, and this advice may be exactly what you need to resolve the situation.

Another interpretation for a dream based on childhood friends could be that it is a reminder of an old hobby or pastime that it is time for you to take up again.

It may be time to contact a friend that you have been out of contact with for some time.
Dreaming of a friend in an intimate way such as having sex with a friend represents your subconscious desire to have a closer relationship with the friend than you already have.

If it is a particularly close friend, it may be that your subconscious is confusing your feelings of closeness with the friend for feelings of closeness for a lover. Think carefully about your real feelings for this friend.