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Dreaming about being lost often reflects a part of your waking life where you feel lost, unsure what to do and unclear about your goals.

This is your subconscious asking you to take stock and think about what you really want, whether you are going in the right direction and to remember why you started on this path in the first place.

If you are lost but trying to use tools to find your way this reflects your determination to be independent of others no matter what and so it may be worth considering asking someone for help – no man is an island after all.

If you dream that you are asking other people for help, this reflects your reliance on others in waking life. If after getting help from the others in the dream, you are still hopelessly lost this shows that you mistrust those around you and worry about betrayal.

If you dream about someone you know being lost, consider what aspects of their personality you associate with them most. These are the qualities that you feel you have lost and in your dream world you are trying to find them again.

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