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Dreaming of marriage symbolizes loyalty, commitment and traditional values. It can be a reflection of certain qualities of yourself which you are trying to unify together. Consider who you are marrying in the dream and the personality traits you most associate with them, these are the traits you are trying to bring out in yourself.

If you are getting married in your waking life, this dream can be a way for your subconscious to mull over the meaning of marriage and any anxieties you might have as well as the wishes that you have for the marriage itself.

If you dream that you are getting a proposal of marriage this is a sign that your ideas are starting to be accepted by those around you and that you are gathering a loyal following.

Dreaming of marrying an old partner suggests that there are qualities of that relationship that you miss but also perhaps it is a sign that you have learnt from your mistakes in the past and have accepted the circumstances which led to your relationship breaking down.

Dreaming of being married as part of an arranged marriage is an indicator that you are being forced to do something in your waking life which you feel you have no control over and that you are feeling anxious and unsure about the consequences.

You feel like you are being carried along in the current of a river and unable to turn back or take a different route. Consider whether you are really happy to go through with this.

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