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To dream of seeing yourself in a mirror, denotes that you will meet many discouraging issues, and sickness will cause you distress and loss in fortune.

To see a broken mirror, foretells the sudden or violent death of some one related to you.

To see others in a mirror, denotes that others will act unfairly towards you to promote their own interests.

To see animals in a mirror, denotes disappointment and loss in fortune.

For a young woman to break a mirror, foretells unfortunate friendships and an unhappy marriage. To see her lover in a mirror looking pale and careworn, denotes death or a broken engagement.

If he seems happy, a slight estrangement will arise, but it will be of short duration.

Mirrors in dreams symbolize the inner self.

If the mirror in your dream is clear, it is a sign you should try harder to be yourself with friends and romantic partners.

If the mirror is cloudy, you are sending mixed messages to those you care about.

To break a mirror in your dream suggests that you are breaking an old image of yourself.

You may be putting an end to an old habit.

If you see a cracked or broken mirror in your dream, it represents self-image.

It is a symbol of vanity and superficiality.

You may be concerned about your image and the way you present yourself to the world.

Some say that if you see a clear image, you may be getting a glimpse of your true self.

Broken mirrors always seem to be a sign of bad luck, or, at least, represent some distortions.

On a deeper level the mirror can be considered to be a representation of the intellect.

The intellect is an instrument of navigation and is constantly persuading us to identify ourselves.

When we think about this, it makes a lot of sense. Our self-identity is very much connected to the way we look (not only superficially but also characteristically as man – woman, young – old, etc).

We use this self-identity, which is greatly a production of our intellect, to navigate through life.

There are two schools of thought about your dreams of a mirror.

One is that if you see yourself in a mirror it foretells of a terrible illness or failure, (death of a business), and the other school of thought is, to see oneself in a mirror is a sign that you will soon be facing issues within yourself that you have been subconsciously hiding from yourself.

If the mirror is broken then will there be news of a death in the family.

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