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If you dream about having a lot of money or gaining a lot of money this represents your elevated sense of status and signifies that you are feeling successful and powerful.

Money can be a great liberator but it does not always go hand in hand with happiness so it is worth evaluating what you think money represents to you.

Money can be analogous for love or power and so you can consider whether you feel equally successful in these areas.

If you dream that you have lost money this can symbolize a period of negativity in your life, you might be feeling down, stressed or unfairly treated and this is hurting you in many different ways. The loss of money can also represent a lack of ambition or drive on your part, consider whether you are setting the right goals for yourself.

Dreaming about giving away money can symbolize a quest for love, you are generous with your emotions and opening your heart to those that deserve it. It can be daunting but love will come through in time.

If you dream that others are giving away money but you are reluctant to this can show that you are selfish and you do not want to sacrifice anything for anyone else. Perhaps the company you are keeping is not deserving of your attentions? It can also signify isolation on your part from what others are doing or saying and that you are not sure about your own intentions.

To dream that you have no money represents your fear that you do not fit in. As money is a common indicator of status the lack of money here really implies that you do not know what your status is and this makes you feel uncomfortable. Try to identify what other qualities about you might infer some sense of status and this might put your mind at rest.

If you dream that you are stealing money this symbolizes a dangerous task that you are embarking on in your real life. You are worried about the risks involved however you are determined to persevere to get what you want.

If you dream that someone has not given you enough money or still owes you money this can show that you do not feel very confident and you’re not sure that you deserve what you get.

If however you dream that you are given extra money this is a sign that you feel very confident in yourself and you may even have a sense of inflated ego.

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