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To see a pattern in your dream, suggests that your life has become monotonous and repetitious.

You need to break free from the routine.

To see or work with a dress pattern in your dream, indicates that you are trying to emulate somebody.

The dream may be a metaphor that you are trying to “pattern” yourself after someone you look up to.

Or perhaps you are lacking your own identity.

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To see an oval in your dream, represents your female qualities and your spiritual energy.


Polka Dots

Seeing polka dots in a dream is an omen of new opportunities.



To see anything ill formed, denotes disappointment. To have a beautiful form, denotes favorable conditions to health and business.


To dream of a vertical line or something that is vertical, symbolizes the spiritual realm and the supernatural.


Kaleidoscopes working before you in a dream, portend swift changes with little of favorable promise in them.