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Dreaming about being pregnant is a strong symbol for your own self-improvement and inner growth. It suggests that you are changing to cope with a new environment and in time you will be ready to face up to it.

Pregnancy signifies new changes, new ideas and new goals. Think about what is changing in your life. This dream is a positive reinforcement that you are going in the right direction and to stick with it.

If you are trying to get pregnant, this dream can be a symbol of your wishes and desires.

If you dream that you are pregnant but the baby is dead this is a sign that you feel you have wasted a lot of effort getting involved with something that is now not going to happen. You may feel a sense of loss and this might cause you to be unsure about what to do next. Remember that things are always changing and nothing ever stays the same, you will just need to find a new path.

If you dream that someone else is pregnant this could be a sign of a closeness in your relationship or it could signify that you are not sure you know everything about them, are they hiding something from you?

It is quite common to dream about being pregnant when you are pregnant. Often in the first trimester the dreams will revolve around animals, teddy bears, water and natural food. In the second trimester you are more likely to dream about whether you will make a good mother or the birth itself.

You might also dream about giving birth to something that is not human, which is just a manifestation of your fears and anxiety about the birth. In your last trimester, you will more likely dream about your own mother and your childhood which will be your subconscious trying to learn from experience.

You might also start to dream about very large animals reflecting your own increased size and discomfort. See also Birth.

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