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To dream of a queen, foretells successful ventures.

If she looks old or haggard, there will be disappointments connected with your pleasures.

To see a queen in your dream symbolizes intuition and personal growth.

The queen is also a symbol for your mother.

If you dream that you are a queen, you desire increased status and power.

Dreaming of being a queen may also indicate that you need to listen to others.

In African folklore, the King is said to be “the one who holds all life, human and cosmic, in his hands; the keystone of society and the universe.” In the modern world, we may not associate the King with ultimate power, knowledge or wisdom.

However, historically the mythical King was highly spiritual, was the center of the wheel of life and was said to have a regulatory function in the cosmos.

Psychologically, the king and the queen are said to be the “archetypes of human perfection.” As a dream symbol, you can understand the king or queen in your dream by realizing that they represent your ability for independence, self-understanding and self-determination.

They also represent inner wealth that will enable you to be your best and help you to achieve your goals.

Consciously, you may never have the desire to be a king or queen, but psychologically, these figures are symbolic of our highest potential and our desire to be the “king or queen” of our own world and our own lives.

On rare occasions and depending on the details of the dream, the king and queen may represent a powerful force that is unkind and tyrannical.


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