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If you dream about school this can represent a time when things were more structured but you had less stress, a time of childhood innocence and being told what to do.

If this makes you feel secure, then it suggests that you are missing some structure in your waking life and are worried about making the wrong decisions. You wish that someone else would make the decisions for you.

Alternatively the dream of school could be bringing up unresolved issues that you had when you were at school and that are still following you around. You might feel insecure about your relationships with friends, particularly if you were bullied at school.

You might be worried about your abilities to perform, or your ability to learn a new skill.

If you dream about being in school when you are currently attending school this can show that you are facing a lot of stress at school and this is starting to manifest itself in your dream world.

If you dream that you are starting a new school this shows that you are feeling out of place in the world and are trying to find somewhere that you can fit in. You might not have many friends or you could be starting a new job or phase of your life where you do not know anyone.

If you dream about looking for a school this shows that you are ready to start a new challenge and are looking for something new to learn. You might feel a little bored with your life and secure in your abilities and it is time to challenge yourself.

If you dream that you are running away from school this shows that you are not open to new ideas and are trying to avoid facing up to reality. You should think about why you are scared to face up to these ideas.

If you go to private school in real life but dream about going to public school this suggests that you are feeling excluded and want to be involved with what everyone else is doing.

If you dream about going to private school but in real life you go to public school this suggests that you are about to hear some privileged information or that you will soon learn a valuable life lesson.

If you dream about high school this suggests that there are important relationships or lessons during that time that could be useful to you in your current situation.

You may be doubting your abilities and your subconscious is reminding you about your accomplishments from this period of your life.

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