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If you dream about being shot by someone, this represents a feeling of guilt about something you have done which you are not proud of. It is a way of giving yourself the punishment you feel you deserve, even if just in your dreams.

If you die as a result of the shooting and come back this reflects your wish to erase the past and start again, rise from the ashes as a phoenix reborn without sin.

If you dream that you are shooting someone else this shows a certain amount of anger towards that person, perhaps because of something they have done to you which you feel has not been acknowledged or forgiven.

Dreaming of a target that has been shot reflects the dreams and goals you set before yourself, if you have hit the target in the middle this shows that you are on track to reach your goals.

If you are missing the target or hitting it off-centre this shows the self-doubt you have about your journey. It may be worth considering what your goals are and whether you are really aiming at them in the right way.

Please also see Gun.

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