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To dream of seeing twins, foretells security in business, and faithful and loving contentment in the home.

If they are sickly, it signifies that you will have disappointment and grief.

Dreaming about twins means you feel torn between your emotions and desires on one hand, and your logic and ideals on the other.

If your dream entails giving birth to twins, or if you are dreaming about baby twins, please see ” birth “.

Twins in astrology represent opposites, and we may use this symbolism to explain our dream.

The twins could suggest a duality in thoughts, ideas, feelings, or states of consciousness.

The details of the dream will give you a clue to whether or not these varying aspects are in harmony or in conflict with each other.

The twins could also represent the balance that is extremely important to our emotional and psychological health.

Old dream interpretation books say that dreaming about adult twins foretells of “double trouble followed by double joy.”

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