If you see a wedding in your dream this can mean a transitional phase of your life and new beginnings. You may have been through a difficult time and up ahead you can start to see happiness, in whatever form that might be. Consider whether you can just see the wedding or if you are attending the wedding, this with help with the dream meaning.

If you are attending the wedding, the identity of the bride and groom and the guests will give you clues as to how you feel about the changes that are upon you and who you feel is there supporting you.
If you dream about your wedding, and you are actually planning a wedding this could just be a manifestation of the stress and anxiety you are experiencing over the wedding plans.

It is very difficult to plan something so central in your life without aspects of the event seeping into your subconscious dreams.

If you dream that you are getting remarried to your spouse, this shows how much you love them and the sense of commitment that you feel to them. It could also highlight a change in circumstances for you as a couple and a reaffirmation of your feelings for each other.

If you dream that you getting remarried but to someone other than your spouse, this can be a sign that you feel your relationship is changing and either one of you or both of you is changing as well, so the dream can signify that you are committing to each other all over again in your changing circumstances.

If you dream about wedding cake this shows your contentedness with your current situation and a lack of desire for things outside your own circle of influence at this moment in time.

If you dream about your wedding ring this represents your inner peace and sanctity. Dreaming about losing your wedding ring can be a sign that there is an unresolved issue in your relationship which is causing you to be anxious.

To dream of wearing a wedding dress can symbolize your desires for a fairytale wedding and your need to be recognised and respected by those around you. It can also highlight a desire to be glamorous and to feel the centre of attention as you may have been feeling left out.