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This list comprises of new released books that may help you understand and interpret your dreams better. As the best person who can interpret your dreams is you.

Novembers Books

Dreams: Fascinating Interpretations of Your Dreams and Their Mysterious Meanings

This ebook book pushed on the kindle by John Franz help explain more about our dreams and how they can effect our waking lives. The book discusses way to avoid nightmares, how to become self aware, the affect of dreams on your memory and everybodies favourite lucid dreaming.

Dream Interpretation: Cracking the Dream Interpretation Secret. Find the True Hidden meaning behind your dreams.

This quite small book is only 33 pages long by Alexandra Gill, it discuss the hidden meanings behind dreams and how to remember those important dreams. Even though some people say they don’t dream, science tells us that everybody dreams so this hand book can start to help you on the right path on remembering those drinks and interpret those visions and dream meanings.


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