Tips for obtaining better sleep

Suffering from Insomnia? Many people have trouble sleeping and without a good nights sleep this can affect your day time performance. Getting stressed and sacrificing your sleep can lead to a vicious cycle, where you just end up getting no sleep and more stress as each day goes by.

Here are some basic tips and tricks to try:

1. Meditation 
Try doing 20 mins for meditation each day, do this will help calm the mind and when it comes time for you to rest you can clear your mind and hopefully enter the land of nod a little quicker

2. Visual Overwriting
Visual overwriting is has been shown to help erase some of the shortterm memories. Thus in some cases erasing the problems of the day. Games are very good at doing this, two of the most effective are Tetris and Candy Crush. The repetitive nature of these games after 10mins of playing has been shown to help overwrite memories. (I bet you can see those blocks falling along with that Gameboy music.)

3. Sleeping mask
It seems very basic but some people are more light sensitive than others. Grab yourself a good sleeping mask from Amazon today and give it try.

4. Exercise
Working out helps relax some muscles. Ensure you excerise 2 hours before your bed time otherwise you’ll find yourself too wired to get that sleep your after.

5. Sleep Music
Get your self some sleep music, music that’s quite repetitive stops the mind from thinking about the content. There are many good apps on the market that can help with this. Customisable sounds are the best. Try the Soothing Sounds relaxation app, it’s free for the lite version.