Why Do We Dream?


It is natural to dream, but why do we dream? In fact, everyone dreams apart from a few that lack neurophysiology to dream as a result of a congenital condition or brain injury. When in a dream, you unconsciously absorb information which could be helpful in your waking life. Dreaming has been proven to develop your physical well-being and those that don’t dream experience unsettling physical symptoms.

The human brain has been made in such a way that when you dream, it creates the perception of the world that surrounds you. The unconscious awareness that people use their dreams to connect to the reality is drawn from your entire life experience and not just what you experience the previous day. As you try to reconnect and recollect with these meaningful experiences, you visualize them in your future so you see what you need to do and avoid in your path towards success and fulfilment.

It’s not bad to dream and everyone is a dreamer perceiving about a better future. Dreaming is done in the same way humans imagine their ambitions in life and they tend to form images of how their future may look. In real life, humans create an idea about their futures and their dreams manifest in reality. However, connecting to the idealized future is not always a walk in the park because it’s not easy to take the practical steps needed to actualize our dreams.

When trying to actualize your dreams, you face the reality and you find out that there are so many frustrations and obstacles in your way. These obstacles are impossible to overcome in waking life but when dreaming, you realize that they are actually easy to overcome and this raises your level of understanding as well as self-awareness which in turn motivates you to take practical steps and move towards your ambitions. So in a nutshell, dreams are a vital sense-making process. They show you the paths to follow towards a great future and motivate you to achieve your dreams. So if you don’t remember your dreams, find out how you’ll be able to remember some from now on.