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Dreams of specific colours can be very subjective so to properly analyse the meaning of a dream with a strong black colour you should think about what the colour means to you. Is it a colour you associate with a work or school uniform, a vehicle, a place or a particular time in your life? Black generally symbolizes a complete vacuum, a nothingness, the unknown, a mystery or a depth of understanding that is lacking. It can also represent death, decay, bad things and fear. Black can be a blank slate or board, where all your past sins are forgiven and you can start afresh. Only you will know whether the feelings you get from the colour are negative, positive or neutral and this may help you align to a particular interpretation.

If the dream is about a particular object in black, you can look up the object interpretation to give you more insight.
If your dream is in black and white this can be your subconscious telling you that you need to find a balance between opposing forces in your life. You might feel a little overwhelmed by pressure in one direction but to overcome challenge you need to find the strength to counterbalance the pressure and come to a neutral position. A black and white dream can also be a sign that there is not enough colour in your life, you are feeling bored and would like a bit of excitement.

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