To dream of a bus means you’ve been going along with the crowd and need to start acting on your own initiative. If you missed your bus in the dream, you may feel that others are leaving you behind socially or emotionally.

You are having difficulty achieving your personal goals.

To dream that you are in a bus accident signifies that you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

In order to interpret the dream with a bus ride in it, the dreamer should make associations in regard to buses.

The dream has very specific meaning depending on the individual’s experiences on school buses, public transportation vehicles, special family trips, etc.

At times the content of the dream may be more important than the actual setting.

If the setting is secondary, then examine the other details of the dream more closely.

However, if the bus and/or the bus ride was a focal point of the dream consider the value that it holds for you.

Does this dream say something about your ability to “fit in” and join a group effort, project, or trip?

Do you function well in group settings?

Are you a leader or a follower in such situations, and what is your comfort level?

This dream could also reflect a part of your life (or the journey of your life) which involved many other people who seemed to be on a same path.

It could be your family, friends, schoolmates or co-workers.

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Being in a bus accident shows the dreamer will have a period of frustration due to financial embarrassment.

To wait for a bus in you dream shows you will have a temporary set back in attaining your hearts desire, but, if you are riding on a bus, you will soon win through to capture your love.