The experience of being chased is a dream which sufferers from anxiety can often see. In the dream you may be running from someone, or hiding from whoever or whatever is chasing you. You may be outwitting the chaser and they are unable to catch you. The action you chose in the dream to evade the chaser can represent your response to pressures in your waking life. You should think about who is doing the chasing – if it is a stranger, this represents a general anxiety or stressful situation you are experiencing or could be a direct sense of unease or fear about your own safety in your waking life, perhaps brought on by media coverage of recent attacks.

This can also be your subconscious’ way of telling you that certain aspects of your personality which you have been trying to hide are manifesting themselves in your dreams. This can be a sign that rather than repressing certain feelings you need to acknowledge them and come to terms with them.

If you are the person doing the chasing, this can show a strong drive to achieve your goals no matter what obstacle is your way. Alternatively, it can represent your fear of being left behind as others hit their targets and move on. Either interpretation reflects upcoming stress in your waking life that is manifesting itself in your dream.
One way of dealing with the negative emotions in dreams about being chased are to attempt to stop the chase and ask the chaser why they are chasing you. This will show your determination and your refusal to be hounded by the chaser will give your waking self real motivation and encouragement.

The distance between the chaser and the person being chased can be a clue as to how imminent the threat or stressful situation is, if the distance is large and the pace is slow this can indicate it is an event in the distant future that you are concerned about whereas if the distance is very close or the pace is very fast this conveys a sense of urgency that you are feeling about an event or situation that is about to happen or has already just happened.