A duck is a very interesting bird and the message it conveys is generally positive. Ducks are well adopted to navigate and survive on land and in the water.

They can swim, walk, and fly.

Ducks are flexible and multi-talented.

Dreaming about this bird suggests that you, or someone else in your life, is very flexible and can competently deal with emotional issues.

Superstition-based dream interpretations say that ducks are very good omens and that you will “float” away from your current difficulty.

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To see ducks swimming on clear water shows that you will have a lucky journey, possibly over water.

On a farm, if you see a white duck, it presages a good harvest and prosperity.

if you hunt a duck you will soon lose your employment, and, if you shoot ducks you have enemies working against you.

To see ducks flying in your dream is an omen of good luck pertaining to your marriage and/or your family.