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To see a computer keyboard in your dream indicates that there is a message that you need to get out.

The keyboard also symbolizes something that you have to get done.

To see or play a musical keyboard in your dream represents harmony.

Your life is well balanced.

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To dream of climbing to a garret, denotes your inclination to run after theories while leaving the cold realities of life to others less able



To dream you hear someone speaking in a foreign language to you denotes that you are having a hard time understanding a certain persons motives



To see or carry baggage in your dream refers to the problems and things that you are carrying on your shoulders and weighing your down.



To dream of rocks, denotes that you will meet reverses, and that there will be discord and general unhappiness. To climb a steep rock, foretells


Seat Belt

To dream that you are wearing a seat belt, suggests that you need to work on controlling your emotions. To dream that you are having