To dream of stealing, or of seeing others commit this act, foretells bad luck and loss of character.

To be accused of stealing, denotes that you will be misunderstood in some affair, and suffer therefrom, but you will eventually find that this will bring you favor.

To accuse others, denotes that you will treat some person with hasty inconsideration.

People steal for two reasons.

If they are poor and feel like they have no other alternative or if they are greedy and do not want to put the time and the effort into earning what they need.

(The needs could be emotional as well as material.) Stealing alludes to moral questions in the dream’s psyche. Consider all of the details of your dream and try to understand why the stealing is taking place. Are people taking from you without your permission, or are you trying to reap the benefits of that which you did not earn?

The message from the unconscious may be that of self-evaluation, neediness, and morality.

The understanding of this dream may bring you closer to understanding your deeper needs which will ultimately lead to greater happiness.