To see and hear a storm approaching, foretells continued sickness, unfavorable business, and separation from friends, which will cause added distress.

If the storm passes, your affliction will not be so heavy.

Everything in our life is a reflection on us and this hold true in our dreams.

The storm in your dreams may be a reflection of some difficulty in your life. Consider all of the details and notice if you took shelter from the storm or were you swept away by it.

Did the storm pass you by, were you safe, or did you suffer?

All of us experience difficulties in life and our dreams make an attempt to bring us into awareness and out of denial.

Think about the storms in your life, how you will weather them, and what you can do to make them subside.

Storms in dreams represent issues that are worrying you in real life, and can be interpreted by how you react to them in the dream.

If you take shelter from the storm, the problems in real life will soon pass.

If you cannot escape the storm, you will need the help of others to deal with your real life problem.