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To dream about your home symbolizes security, comfort and your basic needs.

If you are in an unsettled situation you sometimes dream of home to remind yourself of the qualities that you yearn for and that you hope to regain. It is common for those that are a long way from home to dream about home as a way of making themselves feel better.

Dreaming of your childhood home, or things you associate with your childhood home can be a reminder that there are qualities from your life at that time that you wish to transfer to your current life. Alternatively it could be a sign that you have something to learn from that period of your life.

If you dream that you are lost and cannot find home this is a sign that you are losing your way spiritually. You are not feeling very balanced and are not sure whether your beliefs still hold true.

The compass you use to distinguish how you think needs to be regenerated and renewed so that you can find your way again.

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