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To dream of ice, betokens much distress, and evil-minded persons will seek to injure you in your best work.

To see ice floating in a stream of clear water, denotes that your happiness will be interrupted by ill-tempered and jealous friends.

To dream that you walk on ice, you risk much solid comfort and respect for evanescent joys.

For a young woman to walk on ice, is a warning that only a thin veil hides her from shame.

To see icicles on the eaves of houses, denotes misery and want of comfort.

Ill health is foreboded.

To see icicles on the fence, denotes suffering bodily and mentally.

To see them on trees, despondent hopes will grow gloomier.

To see them on evergreens, a bright future will be overcast with the shadow of doubtful honors.

To dream that you make ice, you will make a failure of your life through egotism and selfishness.

Eating ice, foretells sickness.

If you drink ice-water, you will bring ill health from dissipation.

Bathing in ice-water, anticipated pleasures will be interrupted with an unforeseen event.

Dreams about ice often mean that you are nervous about a real life endeavor.

They can also be a sign that you don’t care for someone as much as they care for you.

If you dream of standing on cracking ice (or falling through ice into water), it is a warning against trying to advance at the expense of others.

Ice, or water in the solid form, is associated with the emotions and the unconsciousness.

Dreaming about ice suggests that you may have some emotions or denied psychological issues that are not readily accessible to you.

These feelings may be negative. (I.e. fear and anxiety about death or sexual frigidity [for some people these are one and the same, sorry, just a joke!].) Things that are frozen are generally not usable and they do not change or grow.

This dream may be pointing to feelings or thoughts that are inaccessible to you or to that part of you that is inaccessible to others.

Superstition based dream interpretation books tell us that sitting on ice in your dreams is a dream of the contrary.

It indicates that you may have a life of comfort and prosperity (this is may be silly to some but others like to hear these type of interpretations!)

Dirty, murky ice is a bad sign that augers ill feelings between friends, or plots against you from evil-minded persons who are seething with jealousy.

Clear ice, especially in chunks or ‘rocks’ could mean the giving or receiving of an engagement ring.

Walking on ice that makes you fear is a sign that you are ‘treading on thin ice’ in some aspect of your life and should change this before disaster strikes.

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