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Dreams about escalators represent changes in your lifestyle or romantic status.

Going down an escalator is a common metaphor for entering into deeper levels of awareness.

Going up means you will succeed in getting where you want to go, but there will be challenges along the way.

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Wooden Shoe

To dream of a wooden shoe, is significant of lonely wanderings and penniless circumstances. Those in love will suffer from unfaithfulness.


To dream that you have a suntan, signifies the shadow aspect of yourself. It represents your primal instincts and natural senses. A pleasurable dream of



If you dream about school this can represent a time when things were more structured but you had less stress, a time of childhood innocence



To dream of being in a cold, damp cellar, you will be oppressed by doubts. You will lose confidence in all things and suffer gloomy


Coffins (Caskets)

Should you dream of a well appointed coffin and it is empty then does this show that you will soon lose a close friend, (not