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If you dream about being raped, this can be very unsettling. The dream can be a manifestation of your fears about your safety. It can also represent anger and hurt against those around you who you feel are abusing you – either physically or mentally. You may feel betrayed by someone you trust, or feel that you are being forced to do something you are not willing to do.
This dream can also be a common dream if you have been raped as your subconscious tries to deal with the unpleasant memories and to put them behind you.

If you dream about raping someone, this shows you are uncertain about your motivation behind a situation in your waking life and you are questioning whether you have done the right thing.

You may be worried that you have unwittingly harassed or bullied someone in to doing something they didn’t want to do.

Dreaming about watching a rape in which you are not involved can signify repressed emotions and a sexual dysfunction which is causing you anxiety.

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